At YAK MAT, we provide solutions to create temporary roads, reduce ground pressure, and protect the environment. Our access mats are uniquely constructed, making them strong enough to withstand challenging terrains including swamps, streams, and bogs. Select one of our access mats below to see which is best for your project or contact us for a custom option.

Leasing vs Purchasing

YAK MAT brings the same level of complete dedication to the rental customer as it does the buying customer. We provide the largest inventory of mats throughout the country to serve our customer's needs. Regardless of whether you are purchasing or leasing, YAK MAT has solutions for your specific needs.


Not every company will need mats upon completion of their project or have the storage capabilities necessary to house. That is why YAK MAT offers simple lease programs which allow customers the ability to use what they need, when they need them. Leasing minimizes the large upfront capital associated with purchasing mats, letting YAK MAT manage the inventory, installation and removal (if necessary), and logistics and transportation, beginning to end.


Sometimes it may be necessary to keep an inventory of mats due to immediate needs or project demands that may occur during a mat shortage. In these events, your best option may be to purchase mats.

Contact us to find out if purchasing is the best option for you.